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A story of perseverance amidst shattered dreams.

Rose is a young Mexican migrant, abandoned and lost in turbulent 1930’s California. She clings to Margaret Thomas, a Kansas farmwife displaced by the dust bowl. Together they grieve a lost family and search for home and healing in the midst of unrelenting hardships. Could John Bollen, the generous wheat farmer down the road, be a savior for them both? A powerful journey of the heart unfolds for three people who find their lives intertwined, each desperate to heal the past and embrace a new future.

Producing Horizons of Gold

Lush, full-bodied orchestrations and soaring melodies take us back to 1940 in the sweeping wheat fields of America’s Great Plains. A large cast of vibrant characters is needed although casting is flexible with many options for doubling. An active singing/dancing ensemble, packed dramatic cameos and solos, undergirds the story. Sets and costuming are simple. Orchestra scores or fully orchestrated accompaniment tracks are available.

Casting: large, flexible cast with an active singing and dancing ensemble.
Lead Roles: 2 female and 1 male
Supporting Roles: 4 female and 4-7 males

Orchestration: Scores for 18 piece orchestra or fully orchestrated accompaniment tracks available.

Creative Team

The Writers

Jeff Smith,
Dave Thompson,
James Kenniv,
Beth Kenniv


“Horizons of Gold is a beautifully written story: well-shaped dialogue, excellent lyrics and soaring lush melodies enhanced with professional quality orchestrations.  The beautiful moments of this piece will leave your heart overflowing.”

“This is a classic musical that delicately and intelligently weaves a timeless story within a historical era. It's reinforced by a beautiful score, and it revolves around a cast of well-defined characters that work through racial tensions, death, loyalty, and new beginnings. This impressive effort is a definite crowd-pleaser!”

—Michelle Zimmerman, Professional Actress

Directing HORIZONS OF GOLD was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The power of the story, the wonderful characters and moving, emotional score made it the perfect production for our community theatre. It went from being an unknown show in our season to becoming a favorite among our patrons.


Contact us for licensing information or with any questions you have about Horizons. We look forward to working with you!