Horizons of Gold

The story is one of perseverance amidst shattered dreams:  Rose is a young Mexican migrant, abandoned and lost in turbulent 1930’s California.  She finds Margaret Thomas, a displaced Kansas Dust-Bowl farmwife grieving the family she lost. Two women, both in need of home and healing of heart, cling to each other through unrelenting hardships.  Could John Bollen, the generous wheat farmer down the road, be a savior for them both? A powerful journey of the heart unfolds for three people who find their lives intertwined; each desperate to heal the past and embrace a new future.  


“Horizons of Gold is a beautifully written story: well-shaped dialogue, excellent lyrics and soaring lush melodies enhanced with professional quality orchestrations. The beautiful moments of this piece will leave your heart overflowing.” ~ Karl Resnik, Executive Director, Musical Arts Center

“This is a classic musical that delicately and intelligently weaves a timeless story within a historical era. It’s reinforced by a beautiful score, and it revolves around a cast of well-defined characters that work through race tensions, death, loyalty, and new beginnings. This impressive effort is a definite crowd-pleaser.” ~ Michelle Zimmerman, professional actress


Inspiring Arts Group

The creative team of Jeff Smith, Dave Thompson, James Kenniv and Beth Kenniv


Premier Performance

Pictures and video from the September 2013 premier of Horizons of Gold. 



Rose is a young Mexican migrant, abandoned and lost in turbulent 1930’s California.  Margaret Thomas, a displaced Dustbowl farmwife, arrives in Modesto grieving the loss of the family home.  Soon after they arrive, Margaret loses her husband to dust pneumonia and finds her hope only in her sons: William and Charlie.  Charlie meets and falls for Opal while William finds Rose who is now hardened by years trying to survive on her own.  The couples marry with promises of a new future provided by Roosevelt’s work camp.  Dreams are shattered for Margaret, Rose and Opal as both boys are killed in an accident.

Rose and Margaret leave California to find comfort in Margaret’s Kansas home, one she will soon learn is in foreclosure.  Searching for work, Rose walks a lonely road of rejection.  Weak and half starved, she faints in the heat.  She wakes in the parlor of John Bollen (Bo), a prosperous wheat farmer.  Rose works in his fields taking the leftover crops as charity.  Learning that Rose is actually his cousin Margaret’s daughter-in-law, Bo keeps a protective eye on her.  When Margaret learns that it is Bo who has taken Rose in, she is deeply troubled but conceals the reason.   Days later, Rose meets Bollen personally: he finds an unexpected attraction while she finds a sense of worth and hope she has never known before.


Margaret loses all hope when she learns that Lawrence, who has bought her land, plans to leave the women homeless when tenant farms occupy.  Lawrence then baits Rose with an offer to be a live-in housekeeper, in exchange for securing the house for Margaret.  Trapped and distraught, Rose runs into Bo who reveals his own story of tragic loss and offers comfort for Rose’s. Romantic feelings surface leaving both of them frustrated due to the many barriers to the relationship.  When a misinformed farmhand tells him that Lawrence plans to marry Rose, Bo is defeated completely.

Margaret and Rose spar over the issue with Lawrence.  In their conversation, Margaret unwittingly reveals her feelings of guilt over Bo’s tragic past while Rose unwittingly reveals her feelings for him.  Margaret’s guilt assuaged, she presses Rose to go talk to Bo that night at the annual barn dance.  Now alone in an empty barn, Rose awkwardly approaches Bo in the dark.  She shares her need for help and he, still believing she may marry another, only hints at his feelings for Rose.   They both sense the undeniable connection.

The next day at the town social Lawrence pressures a nervous Rose to make her decision. Bo enters, reconciles with Margaret and then offers Lawrence to buy the land with interest, securing Margaret’s home and ensuring Rose’s freedom.  An overwhelmed Rose, gleefully accepts Bo’s marriage proposal.  An epilogue shows Rose and Bo at the marriage some time later; Margaret is joined by Opal and the town celebrates redemption of land and lives.



Song Demos


Dust To Dust

Hold On

Farther On

A Place To Stand

In The Shadow

Go Where You Go



Count It All Joy

House Of Memories

A Place to Stand Reprise

The Life That We All Love

Don’t We All

Black Sunday

What’s Not Meant To Be

Every Time I’m Near Him

Under The Stars

Horizons Of Gold Finale


Cast Requirements


Although Horizons of Gold can accommodate a very large cast, numbers may be significantly decreased as multiple roles may be played by the same actor in many cases.


Principle Roles

Rose: A Mexican migrant: rejected/wounded; a survivor, sacrificial; early 20’s
Vocal range: mezzo soprano with belt; (A3-E5)

Margaret Thomas: A farm wife: steadfast/stoic, determined, caring; late-40’s
Vocal Range: alto/mezzo soprano; (A3-C#5)

John Bollen: A prosperous farmer: rugged, tender, heroic; early 40’s
Vocal Range: baritone (B2-G4)


Supporting Roles

Lawrence Thomas: Margaret’s brother-in-law; wealthy, bitter, unscrupulous, mid 40′s
(introduced I-9; may double) no solo singing required

Edward Thomas: Margaret’s husband; stubborn, defeated, good; late 40′s-early 50’s
(I-1&1-2 only; may double) no solo singing required

William Thomas: Margaret’s older son; thoughtful, responsible, honest; early 20’s
(I-1 &1-2 only; may double) any voice type

Charlie Thomas: Margaret’s younger son; fun-loving, eager, simple; early 20’s
(I-1 &1-2 only; may double) any voice type

Opal: Charlie’s girl; sweet, sincere; early 20’s (I-2 & I-3 only) any voice type

Pearl: Farm girl; caring, stable; early 20’s (introduced I-6) alto

Nettie: Pearl’s sister; naïve; whimsical, a darling; 15-18 (introduced I-6) soprano

Alice: Farm girl; self-focused; catty; 20’s (introduced I-7) no solo singing

Hank: A good-natured farm hand; 30’s (introduced I-7, may double) part singing

Clarence/Otis: Dim-whitted farmhands; 20-30’s (introduced I-7, may double) part singing


Cameo Roles

Foreman: A featured baritone solo (I-2)

Edith: Margaret’s opinionated neighbor (I-4)

Banker: The long-time banker of the Thomas family (I-4)

Hester/Birdie: Gleaners in Bollen’s field (I-6, I-10, II-1)

Ensemble: Medium/large ensemble that includes many individually featured players


Set Requirements

Set Requirements

Thomas’ Kitchen (I-1, I-8, II-5)

Grocery Store/Walnut Orchard (I-2)

Thomas  Shanty (I-2, I-3)

Church Interior/Exterior (I-4, II-8)

Thomas’ House Exterior (I-5, II-2)

Bollen’s Wheat Field (I-6, I-10, II-1)

Bollen Barn Interior/Exterior (I-7, II-3, II-4, II-6, II-7)

Bank Exterior (optional) (I-9)




Orchestration (instrumental performance tracks are also available)




2 French horns

2 Trumpets

1 Trombone

1 Tuba

Percussion 1 and 2




Violin 1 & 2






The following materials are available for rent:

Libretto-Vocal Books

20 Libretto-Vocal books are included in each package. Extra books are available at an additional cost.

 Orchestral Package

21 instrumental books,  2 piano/vocal scores, one full Conductor score (24 books total)

Orchestral Tracks

Complete tracks for all songs and underscores


*DVDs of our Premier Performance as well as a studio recorded CD are available upon request



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